Tuesday, December 15

Emma's 6th Birthday Party

We had Emma's birthday party on her actual birthday this year and it was so fun! She has wanted to do a Build a Bear Party for years and this year we decided she was old enough to appreciate it and really enjoy it. Did she ever!! She had a great time and I think all her little girlfriends did too. It was a little different this year because her party was all girls. We were able to celebrate with her boyfriends too on a different day.

Build a Bear was amazing and so easy! We had a hostess who did everything. She was great at leading them in their selections (based on our price range) and played some really fun games with them while they waited their turn for things. After Build a Bear, we went over to the Food Court for some Chickfila, cake and opening presents. What a fun, fun day!!!

On her birthday night, John and I had a party to go to, so we shared a sitter with Jayme and Bret. This meant that Molly and Morgan came over to play and we asked Molly to spend the night. This was such a treat for Emma!!!

Emma could not stand the fact that Davis would not be at her all girl party, so we also celebrated with him the next day. Allyn and I treated them to tickets to see a play, "The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever." What sweet friends!!


Anonymous said...

what an adorable cake...who made it?

Allison Nelson said...

Who is anonymous that commented above?
The cake is from Harp's in Springdale!