Wednesday, December 23

Christmas Programs and Parties

Tis the season for precious little children doing Christmas music programs. This was the first year for Brooklyn's school to do a music program and it was AWESOME! Brooklyn's favorite part of her school day is when "Miss Jillybean" comes to her class to do music. This lady has a gift with teaching music to little ones and I am so thankful B gets to benefit from it. The program consisted of all 3-5 year olds singing 6 songs, all with motions. There was narration in between the songs and the older kids dressed the parts of Mary, Joseph, and all the animals. I love Brooklyn's sweet face right here and she likes that I got a picture of her new friend, Dennis. :) Did I mention that they also all wore Christmas pj's. Nothing cuter, in my opinion.

Emma's school had a school wide Christmas sing-a-long before their class parties on Friday. Nothing like cramming kindergarten-5th grade into a cafeteria and letting them sing their hearts out to Christmas songs. Kindergarten sat in front and you might notice that a certain 3 year old had no problem plopping herself down next to sister to sing songs.

Brooklyn and I stayed for the party too. Pinatas, yummy food, making reindeer food, and a few other games was a great way to finish their first semester of kindergarten. Hooray for a break!!

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