Wednesday, October 21

Super Star

Last week, Emma was the Super Star and got to decorate a big yellow star with pictures of people that are special to her or pictures of places she has been, or pictures of anything that had significance in her life. They rotate through the whole class and each person gets a chance to tell what is special to them. She also had to write 3 sentences about herself and bring 3 special items to class on Friday to show her friends. Emma and I had fun picking out pictures and putting them on the star. When I asked what she wanted to bring to school she said, "Brooklyn, Belle and her blankie." I had to check with her teacher on bringing Belle, but she said, "Sure!" So, last Friday, our WHOLE family went to school to watch Emma present her star and to show off Brooklyn and Belle. Super cute!! At the end, the class could ask Emma questions. Most of them just wanted her to know that they also had a dog at home. :)

I was so glad that John was able to get off early and come for it. I know it meant so much to Emma to have him there. I am up in her class quite a bit, so I was no big deal. Here are some pictures from the big event.

Emma showing off the finished project! She had a picture of grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, E at the beach, us at Disney World, and E doing dance.

Brooklyn, John and Belle waiting in the hallway to go into the class.

Emma presenting her start to her class.
FYI-they learned about spiders on this day and they made spider hats. That is what is on everyone's head. :)

The whole fam!!!
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kate said...

So fun! Love it! That is great they let Belle and Brooklyn come! All B words! :)

Mandy said...

how fun! i remember the "star" days...glad you all got to go as a family :) thanks again for the yummy apple pie you made-so delicious