Friday, October 30

Emma's First Report Card

I can't believe that we have a child that is old enough to get a report card. Crazy. I say report card loosely because she does not actually get letter grades yet.

Emma got all E's, which according to the report card means Advanced/Proficiency above grade level. She is doing awesome and is so interested in what she is learning. They studied the solar system this past week and I have to admit that Emma taught me a few facts that I was unaware of about space. She has wanted to know how to read for so long and she is doing it! She knows about 100 sight words and is working on a new list now. I checked out a few Beginner Reader books from the library for her and she is reading them to us, along with quite a few Dr. Seuss books. It really is amazing how it must have just clicked with her one day. She loves to write and she is loving math. She counts EVERYTHING and is using some addition and subtraction at times too. She really is doing amazing and we are so proud of her!

She still has some days where she just does not want to go to school, but all in all she looks forward to going. She has made a few good friends in her class which is an answer to prayer.

Way to go Emma!

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Erica said...

So good, Emma!