Saturday, August 1

Open House

We have spent our day cleaning, organizing, and making piles. Tomorrow will be our first Open House! I have to admit that I have not loved today. It is hard doing all that it takes to get ready to show your house and make your childrens' lives enjoyable too. :) John was awesome to take the girls our for a few hours this morning. They went to the mall to play and eat lunch. The best thing about their time out was that they were Chickfila's 100th customer! Hooray!

We still have a few more things to do for the house tonight and tomorrow, but overall I feel good about how it looks. I did a lot of organizing that I wish I would have done a few years ago. Our girls are going to go over to John's sisters house tomorrow to play while we show the house. Honestly, I'm looking forward to those 3 hours of not having to clean and it being quiet in our house. Is that sad?

Open House tomorrow from 1-4. Tell whoever you know that might need a cute, little house that is in an ideal location. (I will miss this location most of all!) If you are just out and want to come say hi to us, that would be great too. Pray that at least one person comes to look. I will be sad to have cleaned everything for no one to come to admire. :)

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Sydney said...

Peeking in on blogs for the first time in days (you know why) and I really need to go to bed!
How did it go?

Thanks for your emails and texts. I love you!