Thursday, August 6

Kindergarten Jumpstart

Conversation with Emma on Tuesday morning:

Emma: Mom, sometimes I get a little nervous when I go to a new place. Do you ever get nervous when Daddy takes you somewhere new?
Me: Of course.
Emma: I'm a little nervous about going to my new school today.
Me: That is perfectly normal. And you know what?
Emma: What?
Me: Mommy is also a little nervous about taking you to your new school today. The great thing about kindergarten is that everyone is new at going there and is probably a little nervous along with us.
(Um, so sweet that she was in tune enough with what she was feeling to say it out loud and call it "nervousness". Precious)

Starting on Tuesday, Emma began going to a Kindergarten Jumpstart thing at her new school from 8:30-10:30. They have been up at the school getting to know the 4 kindergarten teachers, meeting new friends, playing in the classrooms, playing on the playground, and doing some screening for class placement. John asked me on Monday night if I was ready for Emma's first day of school tomorrow and I immediately responded that "it was NOT the first day of kindergarten". More or less, it seemed like it walking into school that day. Tears welled up in my eyes as soon as we walked through the door. I tried hard to bat them away so that Emma would not see. I don't think she did. We found the teacher she would go with for the day and that sweet teacher said to Emma, "Give your Mommy a hug and you will see her in a couple of hours." Emma gave me the tightest hug ever and more tears came to my eyes. She looked so nervous, but bravely walked away and sat down with her group for the week. I reached for B's hand (for comfort) and we walked away and I began frantically looking for a my lifelong best friend, Allyn. She was also dropping off her son, so we were in this thing together.

10:30 came quickly and we went back to pick Emma up. She came out of her class smiling so big and ran to hug me. This was our cute conversation:

Me: How was your day?
Emma: Great! I made 2 new friends!
Me: Awesome, what are their names:
Emma: Um.....I don't know. Hold on. (she then turned around and ran back to the little girls to ask their names)

It was so cute! Long story short, but this is such an answer to prayer. One of the little girls that she became friends with in her group lives 3 doors down from our lot. Plus, she is a little girl who my sister in law knows and they are a good Christian family. I prayed for a sweet girlfriend for Emma and specifically for one who's family loved the Lord. As an added bonus, He put them 3 doors down from where we will eventually live. (by the way, our house is still for sale and the price has been lowered. We are not sure if this price will stay if we have to list it with a realtor, so make an offer quick! :)) We don't know if they will be in the same class next year or not or what will come of the friendship made this week, but for now, what a blessing!

This week has been a great ease into kindergarten starting in 2 weeks. I do think it will help Emma not be as nervous on the first day. As for me, I will still cry. Guarantee it.

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kate said...

I am crying right now! So thankful God answered your prayers for a sweet friend for Emma! He is SO good! Love it!