Monday, June 29

Happy Pink Barbie

Everyone else might see this picture and say, "Oh, that is Ariel from The Little Mermaid." For our family, her name is "happy pink Barbie." This title was given to her by Brooklyn and it has just stuck. Brooklyn does not talk a ton and does not say many things completely clear, so to hear her say this clear as mud is hilarious. "Happy Pink Barbie" has become a necessity at bedtime and is always close by Brooklyn. We finally rented The Little Mermaid a few weeks ago and let her watch the actual movie. She loved it, but still does not want to call her Ariel. You might notice she is missing an eye. Brooklyn was very concerned about this at first, but now doesn't care. She is still her "happy pink Barbie".

Have I mentioned that I love this age so much? I could squeeze Brooklyn to death over all the cute things she is saying right now.

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kate said...

Give that sweet girl a hug for us! Miss you guys! I just noticed they have me signed in with my gmail account, but it is really me! :) I can't wait for you guys to build your house! I know it will be so cool. You are so creative and such a great planner. So fun!