Saturday, May 23

Destin Vacation-Continued

Since most days of our Destin Vacation were spent doing the exact same thing, we have decided to blog an over view and a link to our pictures on Picasa. So, what did we do on vacation every day? We were in the sun, sand and water most of the time.

We went to the grocery store the first morning we were there and stocked up on groceries to use for our breakfasts and lunches. We ate dinner out the rest of the nights besides a pizza night in order to watch American Idol. (go Kris!!) A typical day would start with us waking up and eating breakfast and then slathering on the sunscreen. Most days, we would start at the beach and then go to the pool, but sometimes we just went straight to the pool. Emma loved the sand at the beach this time around, but Brooklyn was not so sure. She would eventually adjust to being at the beach, but each time it took about 15-20 minutes of us holding her and easing her into it. They both LOVED the pools. There was one pool that the girls could swim in and jump in from the sides over and over. The other pool had a lazy river. It was our favorite! We all got in our tubes and floated around and around and around.

Brooklyn took a nap each day. Sometimes Emma would rest inside during that time or John or I would take E to the pool. Usually after naps, we would clean up and get ready for dinner. Most of our dinners were good, but our favorites were the Back Porch and Harry T's. At Harry T's, we were able to sit at a picnic table down on the dock. It was perfect for watching the boats come in.

On Mother's Day, we drove 45 minutes into the Seaside area for the evening. It is one of my favorite places ever and such a treat to get to be there on Mother's Day with my family. Last time we were at the beach we stayed in Sea Grove and LOVED it. We decided to stay in Destin this time and it was great. No complaing here at all, BUT next time we will go back to Seaside/Sea Grove. There is just nothing like the quaint, beach town atmosphere of that place.

One morning, we headed across the street to the Gulfarium. It was not Sea World, but pretty entertaining. The dolphin show was the highlight of our time, along with the necklaces we let the girls pick out at the end.

Like John blogged earlier, Kate and Travis decided to make the trip with us at the last minute. We never get to see them and their sweet girls, so that was really fun. The girls loved having playmates at the pool and beach! We ate dinner together a couple nights and that was great.

I love family vacations! Vacations are not as relaxing as they used to be prior to kids, but they are so fun. I love being able to give undivided attention to my family and not have to worry about chores around the house or answering phone calls. I mentioned last year after our St. Louis vacation that my most fond memories as a child are traveling with my family. Fortunately, I had a Dad who loves (and still loves) to travel so we went to a lot of fun places. It usually wasn't the cool place where we went, but the time we got to all spend together without the cares of stuff at home.

Here is a link to the rest of our pictures. I just posted some of our favorites b/c there were so many!


Erica said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful. I love how you said you got to tune into your kids and not worry about any chores or phone calls. House duties take so much time! I am glad you are getting to make these memories with you kids, like your dad did.

Sydney said...

Okay, so you guys are coming on our next trip- not only because it would be fun- but we want John to take our family pics! Wow!!

Sorry you couldn't go to Mexico, but looks like a wonderful time!

me= j-e-a-l-o-u-s :)

Miss you!