Friday, April 3

Sleeping Beauties

We went to Little Rock last weekend while we had some work done on our house. (before and after pictures coming soon)

Brooklyn has always slept in the pack n' play next to the bed that Emma sleeps in. I knew this would come to an end soon and on the last night we were there she begged to sleep in the big bed with Emma. My main concern was:
1. Them even going to sleep on the account of having to much fun in the bed together
2. Brooklyn falling out of the bed. She sleeps in a twin here, but has a body pillow at the edge keeping her in. At my parents house, the bed is pretty high. We ended up scooting the pack n' play over + a blanket rolled up at the edge. That way, if she fell, she would go into the pack n' play.

Once they finally went to sleep, they did great. I snuck a picture before I went to bed. How sweet is this!!!

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