Monday, November 24


Emma's creativity is awesome! She imagines the craziest things and I love it. The girl also colors more than anyone I have ever met.
She found this long green ribbon in a pile when I was getting out Christmas decorations. She wanted to play with it. She ushered me into the playroom to show me her frog and monkey buckled into her "car" laying down so they could take a nap while she drove them on a trip. The chair was her seat and she used one of her pot lids from her kitchen as the steering wheel. I know I'm a little biased, but she is brilliant! :)

I love our Willow Tree nativity. My Mom started giving me pieces to it about 7 years ago and it gets bigger each year. I love putting it out each year!

Christmas decorating started at our house this weekend. Typically, we wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving, but we will be gone longer than normal so we started this weekend. John had a photoshoot to do on Saturday morning, so the girls and I decorated their little tree. I bought the pink tree last year, but all the ornaments are my Disney ones from when I was little.
We will do our tree together after Thanksgiving.

I love our stockings. John and I bought ours the first year we were married and I still love them. I also bought 4 snowflake stocking holders that year. John questioned my "thinking ahead" when I bought 4, but I told him that someday we will be thankful that they all match. I didn't think about us having a dog at the time, so Belle's is a little different than the rest. I bought the girls stockings before Brooklyn was born (after much searching for knit sock like stockings that coordinated with ours) and they are perfect.

I love Christmas time, including the decorating part! I'm hoping to get a post up before Thanksgiving about designing on a dime for Christmas. I did something for our dining room table this year that cost me nothing. I used everything I had and some from nature. It was so fun coming up with it and making it. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Planning on setting up stuff this week yuck...


Grace said...

Awwww....I love Christmas! The decorations are so warm and cozy! I love you guys!