Monday, October 27


I LOVE footie pj's. Brooklyn was very excited about putting these on, but she wanted them off at bedtime. She really is not a fan of her feet being trapped in there. Unfortunately, my days with babies in footie pj's are coming to an end. When Emma saw B's, she asked for some. I spent $6 at Walmart to get her some, so we'll see if she will wear them. She doesn't like wearing socks, so I'm not sure she is going to keep them on either.

We have had a "happy" morning. I feel like we are constantly rushing out the door in the mornings. Today, I just decided we were going to skip everything and stay home. It was well worth it. Brooklyn got to sleep in, instead of getting whisked out of her bed, into clothes with breakfast in the car. Sometimes it is nice just being at home.

I hope everyone is having a "happy" morning. We have a lot going on this week with Halloween festivities. It is going to be really fun and even more fun now that we have had a day of "down time."


Grace said...

Precious! She is getting so big! Love y'all!

Josh and Margo said...

They make footie pj's for adult girls too. I found some online a couple years ago and got Margo a pair.

Sydney said...

I just did a post on footed pj's too!