Wednesday, September 24

God at Work in Little Hearts

We have been having issues lately with Emma lying to us about certain things. For a while, it was her pretending and there was no harm in it, but lately it has been full out lies. I HATE lying. (and I HATE the word "hate")It is one of those things that gets under my skin. Tell me the horrible truth, but don't lie to me.
I tried talking to her about it in my own words, but nothing was getting through to her. Then it dawned on me that it might be more effective to bring God in it. (novel idea, huh?) After a lie she told last week, we sat down together and looked up lying in my concordance. This is what we found in Proverbs 12:22:
The Lord detests lying lips,
but he delights in men who are truthful.

For a little girl who knows that we don't use the word "hate" around our house for anything, these words struck a chord.
Tonight, she told me another lie, so I sent her to her room so we could talk. I could tell that she was really sad about it. We said the verse together again and talked about how we want God to delight in our truthfulness. We want to do things to glorify Him and lying is not one of those things. She started crying so I held her for a bit. I was about to leave her room b/c she had asked to be alone and I asked her if she was okay. This is what she said, "Something in my heart feels really bad."
It brought tears to my eyes. Tears of sadness for her to feel that pain, but joy for her that she is hearing the Holy Spirit in her life. Thank you God for slowly beginning to reveal yourself to my child.


The Merediths said...

That entire post just made me smile. That was a good Wednesday Happy.

Anonymous said...

They say girls don't lie yeah right!!! Looks like you are teaching her right I like that verse. I think that goes for everyone!!! I'll have to save that one for later on.


windyday said...

That is encouraging to read, thanks for sharing. It is all about the heart and we are soooo dependent on HIM to make us (and our little ones) tender.

Grace said...

So sweet! I remember when i felt the exact same way! Love y'all!

kate said...

how was B's birthday party?
Hope it was fun! Isn't her b-day the 6th. I don't know why i have so much trouble remembering the date of her birthday! Probably b/c she was born at a crazy time in our lives! :) Miss you! Oh, pray for Trav- he intereviews all this weekend. I think TCU is Sun. or Mon.

Erica said...

I sighed at the end of this post. What a poignant and beautiful story because God is drawing her. Please remind me of the way you handled the lying when it's my turn!