Saturday, May 24

Time Out

Brooklyn got in trouble from me for rocking the rocking chair as hard as she could into the wall. I tried to pull her away a few times, but that didn't work. I finally had to spank her. After we "chatted", she proceeded to put herself in Emma's Time out spot in the kitchen. I did not tell her to go there and she has never been put there. Isn't it amazing what they pick up on at 19 months of age? She walked into the kitchen with her bottom lip out, pulled the chair into the corner and sat down. Then stuck out her lip again. Pitiful. What did I do, laugh! I know, I'm a good Mom. I got the camera out b/c I wanted a picture of her pouting in the chair, but instead I got this great video of Emma disciplining her. Isn't it amazing what they mimic at 4 1/2 years old?

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