Thursday, May 29

St. Louis-Day 3

I was pretty tired last night, so I didn't get to write our adventures from Day 3. It was a beautiful day for being outside. I think the high hit right around 70 and there was plenty of sunshine! We headed to the zoo yesterday morning to finish off what we did not get to do on day 1. We saw the sea lions, monkeys, giraffes, zebras, etc....We finished off the morning with a trip through the Children's Zoo which included brushing and playing with some goats. The girls let out some more energy on the playground. The last section in the children's zoo included a snake to pet and also some guinea pigs. Here is our family picture from the trip. Doesn't Brooklyn looked thrilled? She was a tired girl at this point.

After naps, we headed back out to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. You might think it strange that we decided to go to the Botanical Gardens, especially with kids. It was actually listed on a few sites as a great place to take kids. I knew when we exited off the interstate that I was going to like it. There were a couple of quaint shops and rows and rows of old brick bungalows. The gardens did not disappoint. I'm not sure what it was, but something made it one of my favorite parts of our trip. Wide open space for the kids to run, many things for John to take pictures of, and yummy smells coming from every direction. We roamed for a couple of hours. They had a maze of hedges for the kids along the way. We ended with the Children's Garden and it was amazing. It was full of little tree houses, hidden slides, ropes to climb across, and a water area. We spent a lot of time in this section. We finished with dinner at the little cafe at the gardens. It was the best meal so far and we were able to eat outside looking at the gardens. If you are headed to St. Louis, don't pass up the gardens. We had planned to spend $20 to get in and only spent $8 b/c we got there after 4:00. I love a deal! When we left the gardens, we drove around the Shaw Neighborhood and looked at all the cool, old houses. There were MANY that needed fixing up, but there were even more that I could have moved right into.

We traveled to Branson today and will spend some time here with John's parents until Saturday. We don't have much planned today which is nice. Tomorrow will be full of swimming and Celebration City with Nana and GDad.

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Kate said...

Yea for a fun trip! You are a great trip planner! Way to go! Wish we could have done it all with you! I keep getting things in the mail for great things like that to do in Cincinati. Want to come to Cincinati next year? It's only a 12 hour drive. :)