Tuesday, March 4

Snow Day Part 1: Slumber Party

John is out of town for the week, so with the scare of all the snow, we decided to pack up and go to the Elleman's house for the night. I figured we wouldn't get much sleep, but it would be a good memory. I was right.
We didn't get over there until almost 8:00. I laid Brooklyn down and she went to sleep fairly well. Emma, Davis, and Carley helped Aaron make cookies. Allyn and I sat back and took pictures. It took quite a while to get Davis and Emma asleep, but finally they crashed. About 2 hours later, Brooklyn woke up. I was in the room with her and once she realized that, it was over. She just wanted to play. I tried for over an hour to get her back to sleep and at 1:30 AM, I packed us up. B was disturbing the whole house and I was tired. (this is strange b/c she normally sleeps great in new places)
The snow was just starting to come down and I figured if we were going to try to get home, now was the time. I got Emma out of bed and we headed home. It was snowing really hard at that point. We went slow and made it safely. The good part of all of this, was that the girls slept until 8:45 this morning. (I did too!)
Allyn and I have been best friends since 1st grade and we lived about 2 blocks from each other growing up. We spent MANY snow days together. It was fun to make a snow memory with our kids!
Part 2 of our snow day is on my brother in laws camera. Once he sends me those, I will post our fun sledding/movie day with our cousins!

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Amber said...

Oh, I had fun just reading that. What a great memory.