Tuesday, February 5

Voting Fun

I always gain more pride for our town of Johnson when it is voting day. I love going to the little city hall and voting with all the locals. It makes me feel like I live in a small country town, even though it is essentially part of the Fayetteville/Springdale area.

The joys of small town voting is speed. I left my house (with 2 children), voted and got back home within 15 minutes. Record time for me going anywhere with my girls.

Within that brief time of voting, Emma made good enough friends with one of the old ladies working that she was able to enjoy a cookie from the workers stash. (and snag one for B as well) As we were walking out the door, I heard a few people say, "Bye Emma!"

As many of you know, she is not a shy girl and has never met a stranger. I love it! She is the total opposite of me at this age and the exact same as John. She IS a Nelson, but apparently looks a lot like me.


jaime said...

how weird is it that jason & i don't vote at johnson city hall? we're assigned to the temple baptist behind tyson. strange!

Lafe said...

Voting in Arkansas is so weird. I had to sweet talk a few old ladies for them to let me vote, even though my name was clearly on the register. And don't get me started on trying to get Jen to vote. It was crazy...