Monday, February 18

Third Time is a Charm

Today was a great day at our house. Emma went back to the dentist for the 3rd attempt of having her cavity filled.

Let me start with the fact that she did great a year and a half ago getting her teeth cleaned for the first time. I think she thought it was fun. So, when we FIRST went to get her tooth filled she went with no drugs or anything. She wigged as soon as they wanted her to lay down. I don't know how she knew they were doing something beside cleaning her teeth. The SECOND time we took her back with vallum knowing that with a little "relax drug" she would do fine. Wigged again. By wigged, I mean flipped out completely. 3 adults were trying to hold her down and she got up. Major adrenaline. It was one of the worst days of my life. One of those days as a parent that you know you are doing this for the best well being of your child, but it just sucks. I hated every minute of that day. She was so scared the whole time! So, today we went back for our THIRD try with some demerol and something else. She sat right down and never complained about the "piggy nose" ( the gas, which she was totally against the last time). She did so great and was so brave. I have never been so proud of a little person in my life. Her reward, that we brought with us, was a new Belle dress from Beauty and the Beast. She put it on at the dentist office and showed everyone there!

For all of you that prayed for Emma (and me) today, thank you! Your emails, phone calls, text messages, etc......were so sweet!


Megan said...

yay for emma! i can only imagine how scary it must be to go through all that and not really understand it. and i know it's hard on moms too! the dress makes it all worth it though. So, so cute.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that everything went so smoothly. I am going to have to take Molly back in a couple of months and hopefully she will let them take the x-rays.