Friday, February 15

Quirkiness Abounds

I've been tagged by Josh to list 6 quirky things about myself. Apparently, Josh's list is very orifice-focused. Here's a shot at my quirks.

I must have the toilet paper a specific way: rolling over the top, not dropping below when rolled. It was the only request I made of Allison when we got married. It drives me nuts to use public restrooms for this very reason.

My computer's desktop (work and home) are VERY clean...very few icons are on it. However, my actual desks (work and home) are crazy messy.

I don't like to talk in bathrooms. My current boss is known for holding conversations while in the bathroom, either on the phone or with the other stall-mates. I don't like even having to share the bathroom with others, let alone talk to them. Perhaps this is due to my need for case something embarrassing happens, the others don't know who did it.

I hate meeting new people. For being such an extrovert (read: chatty cathy), I rarely enjoy meeting new people, especially when there's a ton of people to meet. Like a business meeting I just got back from. I forced myself to meet 15 new people, tried to remember their names the rest of the week, and tried not to meet anyone else on purpose.

I'm ALWAYS a backseat driver...even when I'm driving. I don't do well in the passenger, middle, or way back of any vehicle (save buses). I'll even give myself backseat-driver advice/emotions when I'm driving and the only one in the car.

I hold full conversations with myself...out loud. Not only do I ask the questions out loud, I'll answer myself. And I'll make jokes to myself and laugh at them. In fact, I'm the funniest and most brilliant conversationalist I've ever met. And I'm apparently mental.

I'll tag Lafe (who truly defines quirky), Blake, the Kelley's, the Nate/Sarah McGooden, and the Miller's.

For those that know me, I'm sure there are other quirks you've noticed. Feel free to leave them in the comments. Blake, don't be an idiot...I know where you sleep.


Anonymous said...

I was just getting ready to say I would be apart of that but you already had me down lol!!!!!!.. Didn't know about the Tiolet paper TMI.... I'll talk to ya anytime in the men's restroom if there are walls between us lol.


Murray Williams said...

Great Post...
1. I go through binge and purge seasons on my computer desktop. Once it hits critical mass...delete it all. ...actual desk = sty.

2. Over for toilet paper no doubt

3. I often converse with myself, but even more often, I verbally replay what I just said to someone. I will say something, and then repeat it under my breath after the moment has passed and the person is gone to hear the words again. I have no idea even weirds me out.

BTW... you didn't backseat drive me when we went on our photo expedition with the daughters... or did you drive that day, now that I think about it, you did drive...nevermind.

Peter & Whitney said...

when peter and i got married i thought he was crazy with the toilet paper thing, never really thought about it, but now i am obsessed. it's got to go over!