Friday, February 8

The Before Shot

Our carpet is 10 years old and has lived through 2 families with 3 boys each and for the past 3 years, our family of four and a dog that likes to shed. What I am trying to say is that our carpet is nasty. Stanley Steamer has been here multiple times and it helps for a short time. The carpet in the bedrooms are not to bad, but the living room is just gross.
We are taking the plunge and are having wood floors put in the living room, dining room and hallways this week. I am so excited, BUT the preparation really stinks! For the past few days, we have been slowly moving everything out of the living room and dining room and into the kitchen or other bedrooms. Not to mention, that we are going to have to move out of the house for 3 days. I know it will all be worth it very soon. I am in no way complaining about this. I have begged for wood floors for the past 2 years and I am so thankful that it is actually going to happen.
Here is our living room right now and I will post the after shot whenever I can dig my way back to the computer. I know you will be eagerly awaiting the after shot! Ha!


Ace and Rainbow said...

Can't wait to see the after shot!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more my carpets get so dirty I would like to do my living room that same way and leave the Bedrooms alone and it seems like it would be easier to clean but I can't afford that just yet. Looking foward to seeing the end result.


Anonymous said...

we are JEALOUS!
the carpets at the robinson house

Sarah said...

woo hoo! one day soon, i hope i can have a similar blog....

living with horrific carpet,