Wednesday, January 30

Overdue Post

I should have written this on January 22nd, but I just haven't had the time to do it. My sweet husband deserves 10 gold stars for his role as "Daddy" and "Hubby" over the weekend of January 18th. I got whatever fever virus and then some that John had a few days before. My illness came in the middle of the night with fever, congestion, headache, aches, etc.......Like John said, fever stinks! I was completely laid up in bed on Saturday, was up a bit more on Sunday and a little better on Monday, but so thankful that John got MLK Day off. John was awesome and did so much! He took care of the girls every need and even mine. I have to say, I was pitiful. I would not have been able to function without his help. Thank you LOVE!
The saddest part of the weekend was that I was supposed to go to LR alone to see my sweet little niece that I haven't seen since the day she was born and I didn't get to go. Boo hoo! All of us are going next weekend and I can't wait!

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