Wednesday, October 17

Violence in Media Isn't to Blame

According to a new study in Scientific American, violence cannot be blamed solely on media (games, movies, tv, etc). They blame the parents for not instructing their kids in appropriate social behavior. Brilliant! It's amazingly sensible. Perhaps even common sense. It's about time the scholars learned to think inside reality. Article is here.

Now, I'm going to play Halo 3 with my 4 year old daughter. Or perhaps Gears of War.


The Merediths said...

It's like the time when my mom had to stop me from jumping on mushrooms and turtles, then kicking them, and educated me that only Super Mario did that. Not Georgia. A parenting moment at its best.

Anonymous said...

Sort of like how people treat you from what they heard on the Media. but yet has nothing to do with you.