Friday, October 5

Pushing Daisies & Chuck

So far, this season's new TV shows have kind of sucked. I deleted Cavemen from the DVR after about 3 minutes of watching it. Absolutely painful. Life is pretty good, but not gripping. Private Practice might turn out decently, but isn't super so far. Journeyman is intriguing, but probably won't last a full season.

The only new show I've been impressed with so far are Pushing Daisies and Chuck. Chuck is really funny and the characters are quite enjoyable. The plot is also really good (chuck is now an inter-agency super-computer that the government must now protect from spies while he continues to work at a Best-Buy knockoff).

Pushing Daisies is just plain unique. I'm not sure I can explain it well enough to do it justice. The concept is extraordinary and the characters are easy to like. I recommend watching it. It's sure to come off as weird aPublish Postnd dumb to many, but to you weirdos out there, it's your cup of tea.

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