Monday, September 24

Monday Morning Fun

Talk about bed head. Emma woke up with this hair:

We did not have any plans for the day, so we just hung out at home this morning. We went for a short stroll and Emma found some rocks to paint.
It was time for B's nap so we came back to lay her down. Emma and I spent some quality time together doing what she wanted to do. We worked on our "fruit of the Spirit" for the week (faithfulness- cherries were our fruit), we played Leap Frog dominoes, painted rocks, and got a few Halloween things out.
I decided to be creative for lunch and I made Emma a flower sandwich. It is the first time in a while that she ate the whole sandwich without taking it all apart. I guess she was afraid she might hurt the flower.

The girls played very well in their kitchen. No tears or screams which makes for a successful morning!


Anonymous said...

Sweet hair- she and Travis can start a competition! I love your blogs. I am laughing about the zoo. Olivia is sensitive to sounds. The toilet used to be more than she could handle- you should have seen us at the airport where they flush on their own! It was great to talk to you today! Can't wait to see you!!

Shelli said...

If she woke up in Texas with that hair...she'd fit right in.