Wednesday, August 15

Ms John

Our big dogs are in town for a business meeting this week. The CEO all the way down.

They called before coming into the office to take our Starbucks order. I ordered a Mocha Frappuccino.

They all laughed.


Then wrote "Ms John" on my cup.

Gotta love executives.


Travis said...

Wow, I admire you John. Most men would be too ashamed to order something like that, let alone ask someone else to go get one for them. It takes some serious stones to step out and do what you did. Kudos.

Jason said...

Don't worry about it John. I order those all the time. What did everyone else get.. hot coffee when it is 100 degreees out. Come on.

Spencer said...

I agree with Travis, the fact that you would order something that was designed and marketed purely for the Ladies/small children market says loads about your character, not to mention your manhood. High five!

Nate's Nonsense said...

Sarah likes those too.