Thursday, August 2

It's a Girl!

Thank goodness not for us, but my sister and brother in law are having a girl! She is due January 5th. As you all know, we LOVE little girls and are so excited to add another to the mix. Especially one that we can love on tons and tons and then give back. :) I am also so glad to be able to hand down all the girl clothes that we have accumulated over the past 3 1/2 years. My sister has contributed to that collection quite a bit, so I am glad she gets to use them.


Anonymous said...

It's all the jeans I guess oh well congrats.. I hope someone will have a boy so they can carry the nelson name.


Allison Nelson said...

Just to clarify, it is my (Allison) sister that is pregnant, not John's sister. The Hannon's wanted me to clarify!