Wednesday, June 6

Where have you been?

We realize it's been a while (a WHOLE week) since either Allison or I have posted something. Sorry Kara! Nothing much has been going on, so blog content is scarce. I'll try to recap some minor things happening in the lives of the Nelson's.

  • I finally got my license plate attached to my car (after 6 months of owning the car)! I win the dumbass award for yanking off the screw bolt from my car, thinking it was "twistable". It wasn't. I finally took it the body shop and had them weld it back on. But not after Todd and I tried to JD Weld it back on ourselves. That didn't work very well. Now I won't be pulled over by every cop in Johnson and hick town for improper display of tags. Punks. Thankfully, no tickets were issued...only thick-hick-accented warnings from dip-spitting cops.
  • All of our TV shows are over for the summer. While sad, it's also kind of freeing. More time for parks, photography, and mowing.
  • We're going to Disney World! I really wanted to take Emma to Disney World while she was still young, mainly for selfish reasons: I can't wait to see the pure joy and excitement on her face when we eat dinner with the Disney Princesses! I'm actually giving up my iMac reward (for quitting dipping) and taking Allison & Emma to Disney in September! So fun!
  • It's been almost 2 months since my last dip! I'm still using the Nicorette gum, but I'm weening myself from that. Since I'm giving up my iMac reward for Disney World, I will be rewarding myself with a new camera lens. Makes for better pictures at Disney!
  • Work rocks. I love my job. It's been a long time since I've been able to say that. Job happiness and satisfaction is SO crucial to my joy levels.
That's it. Not much else is going on. If you're free for some park time and sno cones, give us a shout...we're always up for that!


kara said...

thanks for the update:) glad all is well and getting geared up for disney...hopefully one of these days when harbin is a bit older, we'll do that too. i went when i was 14 and had a BLAST!
never knew you could get pulled over for improper tag placing...crazy.
we would love to do the park one evening or saturday afternoon soon..

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the tv shows I'm kinda depressed with out them. I will have to say though Big Brother I can't wait for and it comes out in July I will be most addicted like always that will get me through till american Idol in Jan.