Tuesday, May 8

A Long Weekend

I am not sure how to sum up our trip to Arlington this past weekend. For starters, it was long. We left Fayetteville at 9:30 Friday morning and did not arrive at our hotel in Arlington until 6:30 that evening. A normal trip would have taken about 6-6 1/2 hours. We did stop at Walmart in McAlester for about an hour and a half so that was a big chunk of time. The other delays were for potty breaks, feeding Brooklyn, traffic, etc.....Emma did great and Brooklyn did pretty good. B is not a great sleeper in the car, so she was worn out from lack of sleep and being stuck in her car seat for entirely to long.

Our main purpose in going to Arlington was for my sweet friend, Holly. She got married this weekend and I didn't want to miss it. She is my dear friend and one of my roommates from Baylor. An added bonus was that my other good friend and roommate from Baylor had twins last Monday. She lives in Arlington too so I got to see her and her cute babies, Jack and Lucy. Those two things were the highlight of the trip and made it worth the long hours in the car.

We drove into Ft. Worth and ended up walking around the Botanical Gardens. It was so pretty! John had a great time taking pictures of all the landscape + a few pictures of the girls and me. We went back to Arlington and ate dinner at Moni's, which is a little Italian place we had eaten at before. They have INCREDIBLE rolls that you dip in alfredo sauce. Yes, horrible for you, but OH, so yummy!

On Sunday, we started out about 9:00 and made it back here by 5:00. We made better time, but still not great. Emma was so delirious at the end of the trip that she was making up words to Amazing Grace. It was a hoot!


kara said...

the girls are getting so big. and I LOVE the names Jack and Lucy, especially for twins. how sweet! glad you guys made it there and back safely and had fun!!

John Nelson said...

How many times was the word "sweet" used in that post?

Murray Williams said...

Great Pic Brosive... we need to hang out. My Canon is lying lonely in the front room. Can you say Picture day?????