Saturday, May 26

Flock Test

Micah Laney is testing out the new Flock browser. It intrigued me, so I'm testing it out as well. It's fully integrated with Flickr and/or Photobucket. The browser has a toolbar across the top showing me my Flickr pictures. I hit Ctrl+B, which opens up a blog entry, and I start typing. I can also just grab one of my Flickr pictures and drop it into the blog entry. I have to's pretty bodacious.

In weekend news, Emma and I went to Josh & Margo's farm for breakfast this morning. As always, it was a fantastic meal...100% country style. We met their new cow, baby goats, and ducks. We also encountered a big black snake, which Josh obliterated with a hoe. Yeah...I got a photo of it.

After naps, the whole fam went to Veteran's Park / Lake Fayetteville. Emma really likes the lake and the playground. Belle was just happy to get out of the house. That's it for my test. I like it. And there was much rejoicing.

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