Saturday, May 19

A Better Day

Emma and I had a long day yesterday of not getting along all that well. My last words to Emma last night were, "Let's have a better day tomorrow, okay?" She nodded her head.

Normally our wake up call is Emma standing next to our bed saying over and over again, "I need milk!" I guess she remembered our conversation last night because John and I received a sweet wake-up call this morning. She went to John's side of the bed and said in the sweetest voice, "Daddy, I see a rainbow on the brown chair. Please, come and look. There is a rainbow. And, I need milk. " (She wouldn't be Emma if she didn't end the sentence in need of something) I went in the living room with her and there on the brown chair was a little rainbow from the sun shining through the window. By the time I found the camera, the rainbow was gone. Thus, no picture.

It is amazing how a sweet "hello" in the morning can change your day. The rainbow also reminded me to enjoy the small things in life. I love seeing things through the eyes of a child.


Anonymous said...

maybe it's because i'm 30 and my hormones are way out of wack...but that is the sweetest story ever and i'm crying.

Emily said...

check out my blog, Emma inspired me!