Saturday, April 7

Happy Pre-Easter

Today, in preparation for egg hunts in the back yard tomorrow (or inside, as it's pretty nippy outside), we dyed eggs. This was Emma's first time to dye eggs, and Allison and I's first attempt in many, many years. It went well! Only a couple of dented eggs resulted, but all were colorful and stickered. Below are some pictures.

Also, Brooklyn just turned 6 months yesterday (the 6th), so here are some shots of her.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter! Here's a message from Emma to remind us all of what Easter is about...


John Nelson said...

I'm not sure why, but all my YouTube videos played through Blogger always jack up the audio and video sync. Drives me nuts. Check it out on my YouTube profile (tab at the top of page) to get a cleaner version.

Emily said...

Try's better!