Saturday, March 10

What is a sick day?

I have new sympathy for my Mom. When you become a Mom you start to realize all the sacrifices that your own Mom made for you through the years. The main sacrifice that sticks out in my mind now that I am a Mom is that fact that Moms just don't get sick days. This week is the first time that I have been sick with 2 kids. (besides a cold) I had full blown fever. Not 99.9 fever, but 103 spikes from time to time. Besides the fever/chills and a mega headache, I felt fine. No cold, cough, stomach bug, ear problems, nothing. After almost 48 hours of off and on fever, I decided to go to the doctor. Come to find out, I have a urinary tract infection. I had no sign of that, but there you go. My point of the blog is to see if anyone else out there thinks that the government should fund a babysitting/cleaning service for Moms who are sick? This seems like a great idea to me.

John has always been very helpful when I have been sick in the past. Unfortunetly for me, I picked the one week that he HAD to be at work to get sick. So, I bucked up and did my job. As I mentioned, I would have spikes of fever that would result in chills and headache. I was thankful it was not constant, but it came all of a sudden. God did bless me by giving both children SUPER naps this week and SUPER behavior. Thank you Jesus!! Emma really came through for me and what a blessing it was. John helped a lot when he got home from work, but he was tired to from long days too. On Thursday night, my sweet hubbie brought me a big bouquet of daisies (love them!) and thanked me for all I did this week despite being sick. It made my week!

We did get to get outside in between my "episodes". The fresh air felt good and it is so good for Emma to be able to run around. The girl has some energy to burn! I think this might be one of the first pictures of me and both girls. Don't you like our shades?

I am feeling a lot better today. Better than I have all week. I do still have the headache from time to time, but no fever! Brooklyn and I are having a day to ourselves. John, Emma, Murray Williams, and Mary Hadley are on a little outing right now. They went to War Eagle Mill to a nature trail and are now in Eureka Springs doing something. I feel sure there is a blog to come on that.


Kara said...

I do, I do!! I have had sinus stuff, but nothing major, just enough to make me feel yucky. And it's hard to take care of two kiddos when you feel like crap.....glad you are feeling better and able to enjoy the great outdoors. I love the picture of you and the girls with your shades.

Anonymous said...

Emma almost looks to big for that stroller. Blake.

Murray Williams said...

This is Murray, and I want to say we had a great time on our daddies day out! I'm glad you got to have a day "off". It was totally fun and Emma did a great job. We walked a lot and she kept right up, and MH being a friend/big sis/baby sitter for Emma. We will have to do it again.

The good thing is that even after all that walking, both girls were sad that we were heading home and we couldn't hike some more.

The funniest thing that happened when Emma asked where the forest was when we were walking through the trees. Imagine trying to explain to a three year old what a forest is when you are right in the middle of one. Talk about "the forest for the trees." (She also called it the jungle...cute. Three year olds are priceless!)