Monday, March 19

Weeknd Fun

The weekend was beautiful here, so we took the opportunity to enjoy it outdoors again! Looks like we weren't the only ones, either.

Nothing too special went on, but I did build a fort in the living room for Emma. She and I split popcorn and watched a movie in the fort. It's amazing how excited she gets when I build a fort!

After blowing off thing indoors, we ate lunch with Aaron & Allyn Elleman at the mall. While my girls took naps, I went on my photo tour. Then after naps, Allison and I went on a dinner date to Hugo's in Fayetteville. We chatted briefly with the Harkey's. This marks the second time in a handful of dinner outings were we've seen the Harkey's. I think they're following us, which is kind of creepy. Cut it out, Brett.

Of course, this date was the reason Allison and I could not attend the 3rd Annual St. Paddy's Day NWA Blog Bash (which really needs acronyming...ASPe mornDNWABB). Maybe next year, guys.

The morning was kind of weird. Emma crawled in bed with us around 2:30 and rubbed Allison's back for a while. Then we kicked her out. The other girls woke up around 8:30-8:45, so it threw off our church schedule and we skipped (SOOO going to hell). Around midday, we packed up and went to Tyson Park in Springdale to play around. We spent a while on the different playgrounds and riding bikes (and taking pictures, in my case). While the kids took naps, Allison pulled weeds (God love her!) and I finally took down the Christmas Lights on the house ( March). The Hannon kids came over to eat and hang out while Sam & Amy went to Community Group. They all played and ate outside, which is the best part of daylight savings time: the long evenings.

I hope everyone else had a great, outdoorsy weekend! Especially since it's going to rain all week long. Here are the pics...


John Nelson said...

PS. I didn't upload the same picture of Brooklyn swinging. They are different shots...I couldn't choose which one I liked more, so I uploaded them both.

Brett said...

How do I know you're not following me?

John Nelson said...

It doesn't help your case since you're reading my blog at midnight...stalker!! :)

Everyone knows you're just after my extensive knowledge of photography.