Thursday, March 22

Nate & Emma

Nate McGooden has been a bachelor all week while his wife and kids are kicking it on the beach. He came over to join us for our Wednesday Night Lost & American Idol watching event. While I was grilling the burgers, Nate played with Emma on the trampoline. It was quite amusing. I'm not sure exactly what they were playing, so I'll put my own captions on the pictures.

Just Jumping

The King Is Crowned

The King Is Uncrowned

The Slaying of the King

The Victorious Queen


Spencer said...

That's wonderful, I'm using "the king is crowned" as my desktop wallpaper.

Allison Nelson said...

After seeing Nate with Emma last night, I think maybe the McGooden's should try for a little girl. Sarah, what do you think???

Sarah said...

That's ok. We'll continue to borrow your girls as our "sisters." Or, when you and John have a couple of boys then maybe we'll think about a girl.

Anonymous said...

I wonder in this picture why emma is looking at the camera and not making him fly up in the air.