Friday, March 30

Bath Time

I'm pretty sure it's required of every parent who blogs to put up bath pictures of their kids. I'm not sure why, but I am compelled to do this by an unseen force. So, here are my kids taking baths.

No, she's not bleeding to death. It is colored dye that doesn't stain. Kids toys are miraculous nowadays. I'll post about WHY she needed a bath later. It's a great story.

Would ya' look at the fat rolls on that girl!


Emily said...

I mean that girl has so ROLLS! SOOO cute! Where did you get that nifty bathtub that goes over the sink?

Emily said...

OK that was supposed to say "has GOT rolls" my typing leaves nothing to be desired tonight

Anonymous said...

I think that is called a 6 pack on guys anyway lol john you know what I mean on that.