Tuesday, February 20

Thank You, President William Henry Harrison!

First of all, a big shout out to the long-dead President William Henry Harrison for giving me a 3 day weekend. He served less than a month in office. He died of pneumonia that he contracted giving the longest recorded inauguration speech in Presidential History. Good thinking there, Bill.

For our long weekend, we got away from the house and traversed to Branson. Change of location is a good thing after 4 months of staying at home. My parents met us up there and watched the kids while Allison and I shopped and hung out. It was very nice.

Saturday, we all went to the Butterfly Palace. It was pretty nifty. A great big tropical room with thousands of butterflies everywhere. Emma liked it, but the adults loved it. You can see some pictures here. Sunday night, we went to the club house and used their indoor heated pool. Emma floaty-d around while I held Brooklyn in the pool. Brooklyn seemed pretty indifferent, but that's good. She didn't freak out, and looked pretty cute in a little polka-dotted bikini. I'll post pics of that later (camera's in the car still).

Today was beautiful, though windy. A great start to a forecastedly incredible week. Emma and I played outside for a while, including tossing a football around. Below, you can see her with her "I'm gonna kill you" football player on. The other picture of Emma is her "Ghetto Princess" outfit. I'm not going to lie to you...she dressed herself. Hard to believe, I know.

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