Tuesday, December 5

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Today was Emma's 3rd birthday! It's crazy that's she is already 3 years old! As I'm writing this, she's screaming her head off in her room: a result of an over-stimulated kid.

The day started off with her birthday party. It was 1000% Princess Party. Everything was pink and had a Disney princess on it. For a guy, it was pretty emasculating. For a 3 year old girl, it was heaven. We had a small gathering of Emma's friends over to the house to have (princess-shaped) waffles and cake (yeah...princesses on it). Todd and I put up a big cardboard castle last night for the kids to play in and color on. The mothers (and me) sat around and talked while the sugar-infused kids ran nutty around the house playing. It was fun!

Each year, we go to the Fayetteville Square with my sister's family to eat at Tim's Pizza and see the Christmas lights (that are now red instead of white). We had a great time, and Brooklyn slept the entire time (aiding in the great time had by all). Here are some pictures to enjoy. I also have 2 new folders set up on my Picasa site for the above-mentioned events.

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Jason said...

man, I have been asking for a princess party for years now. I hope Jaime reads this..