Friday, December 8

2006 Gingerbread Party Results

Well, I should have stuck with my original plan of sabotaging the other contestants. Even though Allison and I pulled off a very excellent, artistic, simplistic design this year, we were simply out-matched. soon as the to-be-winners began, no one stood a chance. The first crushing blow came when Melinda Thompson walked into the house with a life-sized woman's breast made of gingerbread...complete with nipples! From there, we all knew we were losing.

We didn't place in the top 3 this year, but we felt pretty good about our effort. The winners (in order) were:
  • The Thompson's: they pulled out the a 3-foot long female gingerbread body sporting an icing bikini. It was really amazing. The pictures are below.
  • Cory Rogers: nutter butter house. It's a little unfair, since Cory is a home builder in real life. But props to him for using such great building blocks!
  • The Whitaker's: John did the planning / creativity portion while Amanda executed a pretty great replica of NYC's Rockefeller Plaza, complete with skyscrapers and a huge tree.
All in all, it was another fantastic event hosted by the Elleman's. Props to them for all the hastle they go through to put this together (including some crazy cleanup after the party)!

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