Saturday, November 11

Quick Update

I realize I haven't been posting much. As always, I'm posting pictures to my Picasa Web Pages. Here's a quick rundown of what's been going on in the Nelson world:

  • Honestly, not very much. Work, home, sleep, eat. The colder weather and a new baby help keep us homebound, though we're consciously trying to get out of the house to keep our sanity.
  • Work. Everyone ebbs and flows with how much they like / dislike their job. Right now, I'm in a big dislike ebb. I've been interviewing at several places locally. In fact, I'm being flown up to New York City in a couple of weeks to interview with the SVP of Sales for Time, Inc! It's probably a final interview, so hopefully it goes well. I'm a little nervous, as the whole setting is way outside my comfort zone. Big city / big company / big opportunity for a great job in Rogers.
  • Family. We're good. Brooklyn's really cute, and we're adjusting to having 2 kids. Emma's almost 3. Crazy.
  • Hog Fan. I scored tickets to both the Tennessee game (tonight) and the LSU game the day after Thanksgiving! Of course, I have to go and lose my voice completely today. I guess I'll just be really physically animated to show my support tonight. Go Hogs!
  • Thanksgiving. It's coming up quickly (as is Christmas). We're going to Branson with my parents on Thanksgiving, and to Silver Dollar City to see the Christmas lights. Then we'll head to Little Rock for the LSU game. Then back to Fayetteville. Then I fly to NYC for my interview. It's gonna be a fun (and exhausting) holiday!

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