Friday, October 6

Here She Comes!


We're at the house. :( All those contractions last night didn't make much progress. So Allison and I came home, got some lunch, and she went for a long walk. The walk apparently helped a lot, since the contractions are about 8 minutes apart again. So we're just waiting...

Allison has been up since 2:45 this morning having contractions...the kind that keep you awake at 2:45 AM. She woke me up at 5:00, mainly to have someone to talk to and to debate whether to call the family at this early hour.

Which we did. We'll be checking into the hospital around 8:00 AM, and having baby #2 (name will be a surprise) sometime today! We're pretty excited, and this baby will share a birthday with her Aunt Amy and Ben Walker!

More updates to come...

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