Tuesday, October 10

15 to 20 Minutes

That's the answer I got from Allison when I asked her how much sleep she got last night. I got around 2 hours of sleep.

Apparently, we totally forgot how fun nights are with newborn babies. It's around 0% or maybe in the negative percentages. Baby Brooklyn was hungry. Baby Brooklyn was impatient. When trying to eat, she was too impatient to actually suck, so she just screamed, becoming hungrier and more impatient. I'm chalking those up to being a girl. Disagree with me all you want, but girls get fussy and impatient when they're hungry. It's science.

And before all y'all mothers get heated up at me for getting 2 hours of sleep to Allison's 20 mintues, I just want to say that the biggest chunk of my sleep came at the beginning of the night.

Though we survived the night, our despair is settling in for night #2. We've done our best to keep her awake today. I've run around the house with her, singing loudly, and repeatedly saying her name very loudly. It worked for about an hour...then we both wore out.

I did get to build a tent / fort in the living room so Emma could watch her new Dora Halloween movie. You can see a picture of me, Emma, & Brooklyn laying under the tent at the end of this post.

We're all healthy, and off to a better start than Martha was with Lucy. That's how we make it through the day: we compare ourselves to Martha's pregnancy and first couple of weeks home with Lucy. In comparison, we're flying high! Sorry Martha, but we thank you for the uplifting / hope-giving comparison.

Tomorrow, my parents are coming over. Aunt Mamy and Nana (my sister & mom) are coming to hang out with Emma all morning. Dad and I are playing golf (I got the OK from Allison), and Allison will get some much-needed rest. Here's to great expectations!


martha said...

I laughed out loud reading your blog. I don't know what that means. I'm sorry. I hope last night was better. May the wells of compassion rise up deep within you and may you not kill your 2 year old before the days is through!

Kara said...

That'll be us in a few months as well, so I'm sure I'll have fun and exciting stories to tell as well of sleep deprivation....