Sunday, September 17

Feeling Manly

I grew up with an older sister and 4 girl cousins.

Now I have a wife, a female dog, 1 daughter, and 1 daughter coming into the world here in a couple of weeks.

Yeah...I've spent my life surrounded by women. For the most part, I can talk fashion, paint colors, women's topics, and boyfriend/husband problems with most women. Man, that looks even sadder when it's written out.

So my uber-manly friend Josh recently let me come over and be more manly. Saturday, I went to the Hale Farm and helped Josh put up fence around his driveway. I got to drive in a few T-posts, roll fencing, and hammer a lot. It was pretty fun, though I was pretty awful at everything. This was my first "farming" experience, so neither of us were expecting much from me.

The best thing was that Josh had a rooster that was driving him and Margo absolutely nuts. He crowed all the time, and they wanted him dead. So, I asked if I could kill him, which they let me! Josh busted out his 12-gauge shotgun, caught the rooster, tied him up, and gave me some quick instructions on how to properly shoot a shotgun. I stared down the barrell of the shotgun, and killed my first animal! It was actually pretty fun! Then he let me shoot his 30/30 a couple of times at a can. I wasn't so great with that one, but everyone walked away uninjured (except the can and the rooster, of course). It was a great time to boost my testosterone in my female-dominated life!

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Anonymous said...

next time you'll have to kill something that's moving. It's way funner!! Also, can you add an XML link, can't get the page to be added to my yahoo page.