Friday, September 22

Emma's First Trip to the Dentist

A couple of days ago, Emma made her first trip to see the Dentist. While there, she had her teeth x-ray ed and cleaned. Allison did a fantastic job of getting Emma pumped up to see the dentist, too! She bought Emma a "Dora Visits the Dentist" book, which seemed to be extremely helpful. Dora walks you through all the steps a dentist goes through, and even explains the tools the dentist uses! If Dora can do it, Emma can do it!

The long and short of it is this: Emma did really well for her first time. She flipped out a bit for the x-rays, and wasn't a fan of the flossing part. Other than that, she did really well. She did have a very small cavity on one of her back molars, but we're putting on some preventative stuff to help fix it.

It was a successful first trip to the Dentist, thanks to Dora and Allison. What a team!

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Anonymous said...

Is that Uncle Robert Nelson off to the left I'm sorry I couldn't resist LOL... Blake